Archer a7 Wifi doesn’t connect to openwrt, LAN/Eth0 only connection

As described, I just installed the firmware and got connected to the loci via lan, but even though I set up the wireless and can connect to them I do not have internet access nor can I interact with the loci using it.

I dont even know how to find the etc/config file but it basically all I did was follow the directions regarding quick set up wifi.

The wifi is off by default; did you actually enable it? Can you share a screenshot of your wifi page?

I actually troubleshooted this on my own and my fix fixed it, but I forgot to reset the country codes on the second go around and that was the issue.

My main issue is that I did not add the radios to the wlan or lan netowrks as devices. If anyone encounters a similar problem, make sure you add the new ssid's from the radios to the interface panel.