Archer A7 v5 slower than Modem?

HI all

Apologies I have to start a thread, I can't find any relevant existing threads to refer to.

I have the aforementioned router, which is connecting to a 1000mb powerline adapter into a Virgin Business modem.

Wired or wireless I get 80mbp/s through the Open WRT router. The modem provides 350mbp/s consistently.

I don't know why there's this massive bottleneck.

I do not have QOS enabled.

Can anyone help me troubleshoot?

Thanks to anyone who can help.

The Archer A7 (single-core mips74Kc, 750 MHz) is good for routing at roughly 150-180 MBit/s, you can extend that by enabling software flow-offloading (with some tradeoffs). 80 MBit/s is certainly below its abilities.

The vendor's OEM firmware can often be faster, by relying on proprietary (hard- and soft-)ware accelerations (which are a mixed blessing, they are fast, but you have to trust a proprietary black box - which also won't allow you all the configuration full netfilter would).

What is the speed like if you connect the router direct into the VM (Hitron?) modem with ethernet cable?

Ensure all ethernet cables are cat5e or better.

I suspect the 80 mbps is being limited by your powerline adapters and poor ring mains electrical wiring.

AFAIK it's some issue with ath79 and the swconfig driver. I remember a slowdown when going to ath79 from ar71xx.

Thankyou for everyones help. From what I understand, the powerline adapter I am using slows down the connection. I am working with a friend on a solution to use the wireless signal from the modem to boost the speed of my router.

I verified speeds by plugging the laptop direct into the adapter, and comparing to the speeds downstairs and there's definitely a large loss.