Archer A7 v5 revert to stock firmware

There seems to be a complete recovery method from dd-wrt, have a look. There is even a recovery firmware link...

The recovery firmware linked in the dd-wrt wiki is the revision Archer A7(US)_V5_190403, published at 2019-04-15. The TP-Link Website doesn't show this revision anymore, but it's still accessible at it's original download location: This is exactly the same as the one proposed by the dd-wrt's wiki.

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I already have the firmware of tp link :grinning: it was correctly reverted with the link that you just shared with me from ddwrt, I really appreciate your answers, I thank you for the time you invested in always answering me and I thank you for taking time to research and give the solution to my case. for all the others who read the post the solution was by tftp with the file with name as it was downloaded from the link that DjiPi shared with me, this is the solution for Tp Link ac1750 A7 Archer, Thanks DjiPi

Glad to hear that you got it fixed! Sad at the same time that it didn’t suit your needs.

We fixed it but more you, it did not accommodate my needs for the 5ghz but the rest works perfect, even so I am using openwrt with other equipment such as wr740nd, wr741nd and wr840n and they work wonderfully, I will keep testing openwrt with some other 5ghz modem that works well, I will read some recommendations. Thanks greetings.

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