Archer A7 possibly bricked?

I have an Archer A7 v5.6. I used the factory TPLink Web UI to install the OpenWRT factory image as per the instructions.
Unfortunately, after it rebooted I am unable to access the device. It powers on, and if I plug a port into LAN1 the LED's all seem to be working (leading me to believe there is hope) Anyway, I am unable to access the device with a static IP, nor after trying DHCP (gateway as and of course on the subnet.

I'm extremely confused. Is there a way to access the device? I can not TFTP because there is no IP address to TFTP to. (it wont show up as a gateway with ipconfig /all and gives me a 169 ip address)

Is there a way to console into these devices? Maybe a way to access via serial connection? I have a raspberry pi handy, but from my experience they do not handle serial connections very well (they are slow) even with the correct baud rates.

Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks!

p.s. I run openwrt on my Archer C7 and everything works like a dream.

So, after leaving it to sit for some time and googling issues. I decided to ipconfig /all while I was still plugged in.

Apparently it is on a a subnet
It's working great!
Just needed some time I guess?

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