Archer A7 5Ghz Client+AP Issue with 40Ghz channel

I have an Archer A7 running 22.03.02. I have it configured with both Client and AP 5Ghz wireless on channel 161/5805 Mhz. If I set the radio to 20Mhz channel width then both the client master work. However, on 40Mhz, only the client works - there is no AP signal.

I saw another post that referred to DFS, but channel 161 is no the DFS range.

Is this a hardware or firmware limitation? Or are there some settings I should check that might affect 40Mhz client+AP configurations?

What country is set?

I confirm that I can successfully set 161 at 40 MHz on multiple devices (ath9k and mt76).

I don't own an Archer, though.

Works with what - if there's no AP?

Thanks for the information. The lan ports and 2.4Ghz AP work fine. The 5Ghz AP does not work when set to 40Mhz. The country is US.