Archer A5 V4 only shows 1.75MB free space

I have a question about the disk space. Mine is only 1.75 MiB in size. Shouldn't it be almost 8MB?

where do you think the openwrt firmware sits ?

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Yes. That’s right. I guess this means it is placed on another partition. I was expecting to see available space from a total of 8 MB, but I guess it wouldn’t make sense because the firmware has to be untouched and the graphic bar only shows what’s available for actual usage.

I guess I have to downgrade if I want more space or it is always partitioned like that on these 8 MB flash memories regardless of fw version?

An older release will make additional flash space available for packages.

FYI the A5v4 is an 8/64 device, those will be EOLed when 23.05 is dropped.
The next release will outgrow 8mb flash devices.

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Thank you for your quick answer.