Arcadyan VRV9518BAAX24-B-2C port to OpenWRT

I'm new to the forum, please correct me if I say something wrong. I have an a Arcadyan VRV9518BAAX24-B-2C (rev. 01A) dsl modem/router and Id like it ported to OopenWRT. Issue is the vendor doesnt provide the firmware on their website, neither am I able to find one anywhere on the web.

It was originaly provided by the ISP, the only thing I was able to find about it was on the ISPs webiste that only had a provided instructions pdf file. Its almost like a off brand product but they still give it out to people.

Is it possible to snarf the firmware of it using JTAG, or reading the firmware chip it self. Then porting it to OpenWRT.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Unless it's a Lantiq device, it's pretty much a dead end.

I am unable to find any information on what components are beeing used.

If the web research doesn't reveal the key components, are you willing to open your device and look for the markings on those chips? That's the surest way to understand what components are in use.

Alright no problem at all. I will try provideing motherboard pictures as soon as possible, but that will most likely be tommorow.

I took some pictures. if you need something to be pictured better or if i missed something, be sure to tell me. But Im still kind of clueless. Is the firmware located on the kioxia chip?

The interesting components are under those metal shields

Its going to be difficult removeing those but Ill do my best.

If serial console access is easier, you can (for now) skip removing any heatsinks, that should already tell you your chances of getting OpenWrt support (Broadcom vs econet vs ikanos vs lantiq; only the later has a chance of getting supported) - and it order to do any actual development, you'll need it anyways (be aware that you will probably be the one doing 98.6% of the necessary development, as no one else has the hardware on their desk nor the motivation to do so - so either you take the challenge or it won't materialize out of thin air).

In wifi certification wfa114096 linux version shows "Linux 4.19.151" If that's true my bet is on econet .