Arcadyan/Astoria W7012E22 (Vodafone R101)

i am from indonesia and i use Vodafone R101 sharing dock wifi router.can LEDE built open wrt image for this router?

Hardware :Soc Ralink RT3052, 4MB flash MX25L3205D, 32MB SDR with brnboot(can replace with u-boot)

this is the original partition layout.

Area Address Length
[0]Boot 0xBFC00000 128K
[1]Configuration 0xBFC20000 256K
[2]Web Image 0xBFC60000 3648K
[3]Code Image 0xBFC60000 3648K
[4]Boot Params 0xBFFF0000 64K
[5]Flash Image 0xBFC00000 4096K

this original partition layout same as arcadyan ARV4518PW