Araknis an-700 safemode

I am trying to install the firmware for the araknis an-700 and it reboots in safemode, any advice?

Which method did you use?;a=commit;h=41be1a2de2f84f532a7eb1c11ece99811ca47ba5


Method 1: Firmware upgrade page:

I know that this firmware is for AN-700-AP-I-AC and the one that i got is AN-700-AP-O-AC but both use the seme factory firmware, by the way, i restore the factory firmware and works just fine.

Just FYI, I just installed OpenWrt on an AN-700-AP-I-AC using "Method 1: Firmware upgrade page"

I followed exactly every step in the instruction and it worked fine.

After installing the OpenWrt firmware from the webpage, I waited about 5 minutes and unplugged power of the device, and plugged it again. Then Openwrt can be accessed from SSH.

The instruction should be all right, the failure might be caused by hardware difference