Ar8327 initvals


I have the following code in my PR ( )

&mdio0 {
status = "okay";

    switch0@1f {
            compatible = "qca,ar8327";
            reg = <0x1f>;
            qca,ar8327-initvals = <
                    0x04 0x87600000 /* PORT0 PAD MODE CTRL */
                    0x08 0x01000000 /* PORT5 PAD MODE CTRL */
                    0x0c 0x00080080 /* PORT6 PAD MODE CTRL */
                    0x10 0x81000080 /* POWER_ON_STRIP */
                    0x7c 0x0000004e /* PORT0_STATUS */
                    0x94 0x0000004e /* PORT6 STATUS */


The board has 4 LAN port and 1 WAN port.
However, the WAN port is routed to the LAN and no way to access teh WAN

Is there someone to pinpoint my error ?

Thank you so much

Probably this manuals have some info:

Do you have serial / console access on the vendor fw?

@juppin thank you but I need first to understand the logic of PAD0, PAD5 and PAD6 : Are these the physical ports ? How to setup which port belongs to LAN or WAN ?

Electrical connectivity

Sections 5.2.2 - 5.2.4 of the QCA8337N data sheet

Logical connectivity

Various files in base-files/ for the device, often 02_network

logical connectivity : which file in base files ? What is the setup for each port ?


ok but what are the command to have teh WAN port attachd to eth1 , and the 4 LAN port to eth0 ?

What is the meaning of each parameters in "ucidef_add_switch" for instance ?
I see for instance : "0@eth0" "1:lan:4" "2:lan:3" "3:lan:2" "4:lan:1" "5:wan"

What "0@eth0" means ?
What "1:lan:4" means ?

What is the link between those and PAD0, PAD5 and PAD6 of Ar8327 initvals ?

What is the actual meaning of PAD0, PAD5, PAD6 compared to the 5 ethernet ports ?

Where to find a list of possible values and desciptin of the initval value in the DTS file ?

In the above docs, it all speaks about 6 ports, I have only 5 on the board. What are they speaking about ?