AR71XX Tiny selfbuilt - Luci not working

Hey there, after some problem with persistence on the default image for my TL-WA750RE I decided to build my own image and followed the tutorial as well as the info page on packages that could be left out.

The build process works flawlessly and without any errors. Now, after flashing it to the device, I am able to configure it without problems and the settings survive several reboots. Only the web interface is not working or at least accessible. I chose luci-base, luci-mod-admin-full as well as luci-theme-bootstrap for building and deselected ppp ppp-mod-pppoe ip6tables odhcp6c kmod-ipv6 kmod-ip6tables odhcpd-ipv6only.

I just can't access the interface. Anything I might have missed?

I assume you missed a webserver actually serving luci, as in uhttpd. At least in current ath79/master it's basically impossible to fit an image including luci (at least with the deselections you've mentioned) into 4 MB flash.

Also keep in mind that disabling ipv6 userspace support (firewalling) without completely disabling IPv6 in the kernel (which you can only do by compiling OpenWrt from source, not via imagebuilder) is a high risk; obviously disabling IPv6 these days isn't really an option anyways.

Hm, ok. That may be the reason. Just didn't think about a server.

Regarding IPv6: I want to use the image on a TL-WA750RE, which is just a repeater. The purpose is to use it as a WiFi bridge for my Hue Bridge that only has LAN. Firewalling etc. is handled by the main router already.

Btw, is there any way to set up a LuCi interface on another device like a server and hook it up to one or more routers? Like a management central? :smiley:

Slightly off-topic: The Hue bridge does have WLAN, it's just not enabled by default. If you feel adventurous, you could attach a serial port, and unlock it.

Here is an article, sorry "", that describes opening the device, and some other info.

Update: I did cancel the project for now and switched over to a raspberry pi based version. With this solution I can share my printer additionally.


I know that a WiFi chip is built in but not activated. As well as ssh via busybox. Indeed the Hue bridge is very similar to an openWRT router. At least in some way.

Thing is, I still have warranty and therefor don't want to tinker around with it yet. Maybe after the warranty expires.

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