Ar71xx or Ath79 Image for TPL-1043NDv1?

About this known Issue in 19.07 RC Notes:
"Sysupgrade from ar71xx to ath79 and vice versa is not officially supported..."
i came to the question what are the advantages to use a Ath79 Image instead of a Ar71xx Image for a TP Link 1043NDv1?
And what is the best way for the manual reinstallation if i want to switch?

I’d suggest waiting until the official 19.07 release drops.. the one you’re looking at is still a release candidate and may have teething issues to be ironed out - particularly for the scenario of moving from ar71 to 79

You can always sysupgrade from ar71xx to ath79 with no problems. But it is recommended not to keep settings, because /etc/config/wireless is not 100% compatible.
Sysupgrade backwards works only with -F option.

You can use either of the images. There is no real advantage of either one.

Of course there is. The advantage to migrating to ath79 now is that you don't have to do it with the next release. Better bite the bullet already than wait another release cycle.

Like someone else pointed out ath79 gets more attention than ar71xx, so that's where most fixes will be as well in the future.


Thanks for this information!

ath79 is working fine on the tl-wr1043ndv1 (running it on that device myself), (as in low RAM) affects either alike.

I migrated all devices to ath79, because I ported all I had to ath79 :wink:

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I have that tl-wr1043ndv1 and took some part in fixing it on ath79. It should work well.