Ar71xx-mikrotik: Mikrotik wAP ac support

My last patch WIP_rb_wapgsc_support_patch

I'll finish the support just I found a new one board

I have managed to get the 5Ghz radio functioning with some small changes to the code that Ciusss89 has provided.

One thing I can't seem to work out is control over the three green LEDs normally used for wifi status.

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Hi @rickydee,

I've just tested your patch, which made the 5 GHz radio work. Brilliant!

Would you (also @Ciusss89) like to submit the patch upstream? Even if the LEDs or the ZT2046Q chip are not yet ready, I think having the Ethernet + 2.4 GHz radio + 5 GHz radio + sysupgrade working is fair enough to say the device is supported. :wink:

@rickydee @rogerpueyo

I suggest to open a regular pull where we can discuss about it.

are Leds working?

LEDs are not working, as far as I know. :frowning:

I'd say there are three different patches to submit:

  1. Enable PCI on QCA9556 (as it's done in QCA9558)
  2. Split wired and wireless setup in mach-rbspi.c and modify the functions of the present devices
  3. Add support for wAP AC

otherwise, a single commit including everything will be rejected.

Shall I start with the first one?

@Ciusss89, @rickydee,

Please check last two commits at :slight_smile: I think it's pretty much ready to be sent upstream.

HI guys,

About the TS controller (ZT2046Q), i found this:


  • ADS7843 Touch Screen Controller.
  • The ADS7843 by Texas Instruments is the de-facto standard for cheap
  • resistive touch screens.
  • There are many compatible devices from other manufacturers available,
  • such as the UH7843 by Zilltek, the TSC2046 and the XPT2046 by XPTEK.
  • All of these are 100% compatible with the ADS7843.
  • @author Fabian Greif
  • @ingroup driver_touch

The kernel has this driver: ads7846.c

Great catch.
It would be great if the driver would at least identify Zilltek one

Was the 5 GHz radio patch from @rickydee included in the upstream support? I recently tried to install OpenWRT on one of my wAP AC devices, but only the 2.4 GHz radio appeared. I saw the commit at;a=commit;h=e15c63a37574bd15ce3a6636c2f04741ab76f7b9 which seems to imply the 5 GHz radio should be supported, but I can't seem to get it to show on two different boards. I tried both 18.06.2 and a snapshot from today without any luck.

EDIT: Fixed! It seems like it is an issue with the kernel.bin images for the device, the AC drivers are not included in the kernel.bin despite it having -AC in the name (note the identical hash to the non-AC version). After flashing the AC sysupgrade.bin, both radios are recognized as the drivers are correctly included in the AC sysupgrade image.

Does this board (loaded with Openwrt) support wireless roaming? 802.11r/k/v

Yes, it should, as long as OpenWrt supports it. It's not a board-specific thing.

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The image I started didn't bring up wireless.

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