APU2E4 move from opnsense to openwrt

I'm planning to switch from OPNSense to OpenWRT with my APU2E4 soon. This is due to the need for PPPoE and the upcoming change from VDSL 100MBit to Fiber 500MBit.
Due to the PPPoE limitation/issue by BSD, I see only OpenWRT with my APU2E4 because I operate several VLANs on one switch. Because of this, I can't use ipfire either (max 3 VLAN)

Unfortunately, I don't really know how to configure the preparation at the moment. Now at ETH0 is the modem (PPPOE via VLAN7, IPv4+IPv6), ETH1+ETH2 (LAG to T1600G switch, multiple VLANs).
The LAG is now causing me big problems. How does this have to be configured in OpenWRT?
About the bonding package?
Virtual Switch?
Or even different?

The information I can find isn't really helpful to me. In preparation for the change, I want to configure all my firewall rules using a VirtualBox VM in order to make the OS change as short as possible.


I have a BSD with PPPoE for 2 years probably. (pfsense) Whats the issue? (Am I missing something???)

PPPoE on FreeBSD uses only one queue, hence being not able to share the load evenly on all cores. Only one core is used instead which limits throughput performances.

See here for more details:

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