APU2 with IPV6 settings

Got my APU2 up and running with a QCA9880 3X3 have it work great bridged the wifi, eth1, and eth2.

Was noticing on my linux box I had 6 IP addresses listed under ifconfig.

1 Main address
2 Addresses for the lan bridge
2 Private Addresses
1 DNS address

Was wondering if this is normal. I am a bit new to IPV6 but have to tried to read up. On a personal note if I end up have to troubleshoot this insanity with wireshark on a SCADA network at work I am quitting lol. Why make this so insane? I think the idea is to allow the client to basically route itself but it makes my brain hurt.

Planning to add another 9880 for 2.4 ghz and a usb wifi for my crappy G printer (curse you EPSON for doing this on a new product!) and bridge to lan as well. Just making sure i got this right before i move on.