Appologize about my past post

I realize that OPENSURS community can't be a good or a bad, it just exists. I realize that inattention at the time where it was required my attention is my error. I realize that my words could offend someone. I wish to apologize for my last post. I have something that the community does not like in the opensource community, in particular the ratio of responsibility... but people should not worry about my...

In addition to verbal apologies, I decided that throwing the router excess. I decided to leave the router for a while and I can convey to those who need it. Perhaps there will be a greater good from this.
I have broken routers, namely, only firmware is broken in them, the rest is working in them: Archer AC750, NTU-RG-1402G-W
I do not know how to solder the boards and, moreover, I am not even interested in understanding how the ch341a works, this is type of my psyche is arranged, but there are those who bring pleasure and for whom this vocation and not even garbage. For me, these routers are no longer needed. If anyone wants to get Its I can to sending by mail, you can write a message.

For a now I found this page... Help to unbrick Archer C2 Ac750 v1.1 EU this can to help unbrick AC750


I just wanted to say thank you for this post. I think it says a lot about a person when they can admit they were in the wrong and it's not as common as it maybe should be.

It is unfortunate your initial interactions with OpenWRT were not positive and I appreciate that may put you off using it entirely. But, if you ever do want to give it another try you will find plenty of people here who are happy to assist or point you in the right direction.