Applying for OpenWrt wiki account

If you want to contribute to OpenWrt by adding useful information to the wiki, you can apply here for a wiki account.

Applying via IRC

Since there are currently no wiki administrators active in the forum, you need to apply for an account via IRC. You may use the OFTC web chat to connect to the #openwrt channel without the need to setup a dedicated IRC client.

Please send a private message (query) with your desired nickname and email address to PaulFertser who will take care of the account creation.

New OpenWrt forum user (TL0)

Post here, mentioning @wiki-account, stating that you want to get a wiki account.
Since new users can not send PMs, someone from the OpenWrt team will contact you and initiate the conversation.

All other OpenWrt forum users (Basic, Member, Regular; TL1 and above)

Please send your desired username, real name and emailaddress via PM to wiki-account, and an account will be created for you.

New to the wiki, don't know how to edit?

Creating new devicepages and dataentries