Apply to have guide for compile OpenWrt on certain iMX6 platform

Hello expert,

Recently I got a box of iMX6 tablets from the warehouse. Those tablets are iMX61 board with 8-inch screen, have 1G RAM, and 8G EMMC storage. Below the hyperlink is the manual of this system.

I want to compile the OpenWRT on this tablet and put it in my lab. Does anyone have experience with it?


you know you can sign up for free cloud hosts, where you could run your compile jobs, right ?

The computing resource is easy to get, but I don't know how to install OpenWRT on the board. For example, how to install the uboot and how to install the sysupgrade packet, and so forth...

Openwrt isn't used for compiling openwrt, vanilla Linux is.

You asked about compiling, not installing, which one is it ?

Both of them.... The model doesn't include in the hardware support list of OpenWRT, and I also have no experience in developing a whole new packet of the ARM board.

Then I hope you have really deep pockets, or know someone who does, or save yourself a lot of time and money, and buy a supported device.

OK, I will remove this topic.