Applications for LuCI to support LTE/5G modems

TBH I recommend you to do so if u can.

Construction criticism should be appreciated, there will be complaining guys too.
I hope you keep up the good work.

It's great to see polish people are so helpful, lots of love from Pakistani.

Thank you and greetings from Poland.

If I manage to find a free moment, motivation to sit in front of the monitor, my "to do" list looks like this:

  1. I'm working on the luci-app-sms-tool-js package, I'm struggling to add missing functionality, I will also want to add new ones, but we'll see how far it goes.
  2. The luci-app-modemband package needs a minor fix in the code.
  3. The luci-app-3ginfo-lite package is waiting for a new version after script corrections for one of the modems.

I know that when my packages are used you can't see it, but taking care of packages consumes me a lot of time and it's not as easy as it may seem.


I have currently tried to install luci-app-3ginfo-lite on OpenWrt 22.03.3 r20028-43d71ad93e, but that doesn't work.

I am happy to test that on my Fibocom FM-150 using LTE/5G.

As I am using that as a backup internet connection I am also in need of connection supervision and restart. Many packages for that purpose don't seem to work as intended. But this one is simple and does the job.

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Hi @hans.b
The luci-app-3ginfo-lite package doesn't work because this modem is currently not supported and needs to be added first.

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Hi @IceG,

it is the installation that doesn't work for me. As far as the dependency to sms-tools is concerned: would it be possible for you to use package smstools3, because that is in standard OpenWRT repo for 22.03.

Such a replacement is not possible, the functionality of sms-tool =/= smstools3.

What router is it?

Keep posting in the topic of the luci app 3ginfo package so as not to make a mess in this topic.

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Hi. Can you add the luci-proto-mbim package to your repository? ModemManager hangs every 24 hours with the error "Error: Modem bearer teardown in progress". In this case the PingControl package will not restart the interface. I have to restart the interface manually.

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Hi @vars-cat
If I don't forget, I will add this package on the next compilation.

I don't know too much what this has to do with my packages, but I'll add it if it's going to help.

@IceG, it looks like this package used to be in your repository.

@vars-cat You can try downloading the package manually if you need it quickly


As I wrote above no problem I can add this package to my repository, if it is to be helpful.

@IceG The luci-proto-mbim package does not work. At first an error "Error: Unknown error (NO_APN)" appears. After I specify APN manually ("internet"), another error appears "Error: PIN code rejected". But this sim card has no pin code. With using "QMI Cellular" or "ModemManager" I don't specify the pin code (as well as the APN).

Hi @vars-cat
In my opinion, the problem is not the luci-proto-mbim package, but the umbim package that initiates the connection. You need to look for another version of the package (scripts) that supports your modem.

Can we not use code from the rooter project and add functionality to openwrt as some of their modem scripts tools features included in openwrt would be awesome.

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Note that this is just my opinion and I could be wrong.

I respect what the ROOTer team is doing, but they introduced so many modifications in the system for themselves that I don't know if we can easily transfer their solutions.

Thanks for your work! Do you plan to add your packages to the official OpenWrt package tree?

Hi @csharper2005 , thanks and glad that someone noticed and appreciated it.

I created this topic to check whether such packages are needed, not necessarily my packages. After the number of comments and likes, we can see little interest. I also saw comments that it would be nice to add packages because they are useful.

I don't know if my packages will pass the verification process by the main developers, but I am planning to send them. I want to add one more functionality (the option to define modems and the ability to choose a modem in the package), as soon as I add it, I will try it..

A lot of problem is the modems used for rural wireless 4g broadband in some countries are tag locked sim locked or as such limiting the use of alternative hardware on their service.
To use a Quectel modem with my provider I had to reprogram my IMEI number to work with my sim and recover my apn from the hardware by hacking it.

The problem I found is many tools cant work at the same time as another like modem manager wont work with sms tool etc...

I think it needs a much more in depth thought about how to add it and have a unified interface that tools can co operate and communicate with an api instead of each tool banging the hardware AT or other interface.

I have been following (and actively using) your packages and packages from @koshev-msk (modemfeeds) for several years now. It's awesome, that I can use them on clean OpenWrt (not r00ter).

I am very glad that you are thinking about including LuCi LTE packages into the official package tree. Of course, it won't be easy. However, I believe that this will attract new ideas, involve new brains in the development process to make the most quality, functional and scalable product in the world. :slight_smile:

For me, modemmanager is a completely unnecessary package on the router. If users want to use it, they should only use this package for all operations with the modem (according to the capabilities of this package, it can be said that it is designed for this purpose). If someone wants to use/uses modemmanager, please make an interface for it for LuCI, simple.

I've installed your LuCi addons (luci-app-3ginfo-lite, luci-app-sms-tool-js and luci-app-modemband) on a ZTE MF286D that I got recently and they are very useful and well made. It would be nice to have them on the official repository so they can be installed directly via the firmware selector at each sysupgrade.

Thank you very much for your work!