Apple TV periodically "lose" network

I got two 1900acs v2 , one router and one dumb ap. Apple tv connects via 5ghz to dumb ap.
We have a few apps on the apple tv, and all apps are suffering from "freezing", or extremly slow loading if to describe how it looks.
Running divested firmware.
I don't see anything special in system log except a few of these messages; I've googled and seems like they are nothing to worry about.

ieee80211 phy1: Mac80211 start BA

Also using FTS (just clicked enable on router and dumb ap under wifi security using over ds). Not sure if this work well or not, but my apple tv for instance could use my router wifi if dumb ap was down. But not the best signal strength.

Do you guys have a clue what would cause my apple tv to freeze like this? It does not report that network is unavailable, and my laptop is working fine on the same wifi at the same time...


My Apple TV 4 HD stopped working on lan, wifi seems to be fast and stable. Have not figured out what killed the ethernet. DHCP is not working but either is a manual config...

HD is old stuff, 2015…! Since the 4K 2:n gen seems to be released about a month ago Apple need to force you to buy it. So it sound more like the normal Apple auto update way of saying they think you need to buy a new Apple-TV 4K 2:n gen before they make your TV life even worse.

I have never ever had a Apple product malfunction this way before the “last update” is force installed by Apple.

Wait, I forgot to put on my tinfoil hat...