Apple Touch Icon

So while using the Firefox browser it uses sites
<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/lib/tpl/openwrt/images/apple-touch-icon.png" />
as the top sites icon.

It is not a very helpful icon:

Could it be replaced with a scaled version of the openwrt icon:

I can look into this tomorrow.

Does this suit the purpose?


Only now I see jows posting regarding apple-touch-icon:


Which one is better suited?

As a favicon (firefox on linux) the new/ current icon on the tabs reminds me more of a pencil than OpenWrt. If the normal size would be the one displayed in the examples here (I don't know about Apple), jow's example might work - but the 45° angle (I know, one of the few ways to make it fit completely) still looks weird, even at larger sizes.

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45° looks good but need to distinguish slightly from forum and main site if using same one

In Chrome, all I can see is a pencil, "OpenWrt" is way too small to be read, and "Wireless Freedom" is just a small shadow. IMHO, we need a logo there, not a full name.

Please set this as a favicon!

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