APM821XX Overclocking

Hi All,

I know it's a quite obscure platform, but I was wondering if anyone could help with the specifics of tricking the APM82181 cpu into running at 1Ghz instead of 800Mhz. I guess it's "supposed" to be the design frequency, but it's underclocked most of the time to 800mhz. I have a Meraki Mx60w that I'd like to bump up to 1Ghz if possible so I can use it to run my father in law's 300Mbps cable connection. He will never really need 300Mbps, but the device maxes out just over 200Mbps NAT and I'd like to bump that to 250+ so I don't have to give him my Turris Omnia (I know, I'm stingy).

I think I could get what I need out of the MX60 if I was able to bump the core clock up a bit.


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I gave him my turris omnia…