Ap51 flash & - OM2P-HSv2


Struggling to get an Image to work on this device.

the OEM flash utility (open-mesh-flash-ng) running from an Administrative console works as expected, locates the device and flashes the stock firmware.

ap51 utility (ap51-flash-2022.1-i686-npcap) running in an administrative console with the latest openwrt for the device (openwrt-22.03.5-ath79-generic-openmesh_om2p-hs-v2-initramfs-kernel) behaves the same as the OEM utility (i.e looks like it is ready to flash) but once the device is powered up i get the following :-

Error - can't write to pcap socket
[ac:86:74:xx:xx:xx]: is of type 'OM2P' that we have no image for
[20:6a:8a:xx:xx:xx]: is of type 'redboot' that we have no image for

I have tried the original ap51flash (where the device became first supported) and the original openwrt (also when first supported) with the same results.

any assistance greatly appreciated.

Can you post system logs ?

You can do this by using the command of “dmesg”

thanks for the reply - there are no logs to show - ap51 flash is a standalone utility
plus im running the windows version of ap51