AP143 firmware spkg

this is pointless

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I'll explain why and actually humor your obdurate behavior.

We need to know where the boot loader looks for the various portions of flash, you then you can "chop up" the file and flash appropriately. There is no "conversion" as you trolingly say.

Since your device is not supported, that's not the recommended method to flash any router. So we won't be of any assistance in that.

I gave you all teh memaroy detasl

The boot loader even propsoe an address to upload the firware

I attach again teh screenshot

Why are you so condescend ???

Just look at facts and reply with analysis , not impolite behavior

Version: SuperWRT Boot 1.3.10-g6a239a72-dirty (Sep 4 2018 - 18:15:21)
CPU: QCA953x - Honey Bee 2.0
Flash: 8 MB (Flash ID: ef4017 / Erase Size: 4k)
Frequency: CPU 650MHz / RAM 597MHz / AHB 216MHz
SBI Info: CPE2G-9531/terra@superwrt.com/2017-12-21
Device UID: 6000cdb938e66d552c303249b03ee06b
WLAN0 info: cal:0xff1000, mac:0xff1002 (84:40:00:00:17:0c)
MAC: 84:40:00:00:17:0c
Firmware: FW/std/0.7.7/qca/qca9k/b42071d9c9
LIC_wlink/zl_master_9531 UID:6000cdb938e66d552c303249b03ee06b
0x00000000-0x0001c000[0x0001c000] uboot
0x0001c000-0x00020000[0x00004000] SBI
0x00020000-0x007a0000[0x00780000] firmware
0x007a0000-0x007b0000[0x00010000] elog
0x007b0000-0x007c0000[0x00010000] config
0x007c0000-0x007d0000[0x00010000] config2
0x007d0000-0x007e0000[0x00010000] custom
0x007e0000-0x007f0000[0x00010000] DTB
0x007f0000-0x00800000[0x00010000] CAL

So, are you demanding someone do the work for you, or give you an answer?
Because, you now have an answer.

Apologies, you fail to understand, this is your responsibility. I actually find your behavior to be the one that's rude and impolite. Perhaps this is the root of our misunderstanding. Maybe, someone else will assist you in the required labor - I didn't understand you were demanding someone do work for you - on a forum that others have told you was unrelated to OpenWrt. Even so, I am unclear why you feel you were treated impolitely - asking, demanding or expecting people to perform labor for you.

You need a:

  • serial cable
  • hex editor (to look at the file and save the "chops")

You are insane
Hopefully you never talk to me anymore

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