I have a hidden wifi interface on router xiaomi ax3600 (OpenWrt OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r23375-cdfcac6e24 / LuCI Master git-23.158.78004-23a246e)

When I try to connect my Xbox Series S to this network interface I see in the router logs:
Sat Jun 17 00:54:49 2023 daemon.notice hostapd: AP-STA-POSSIBLE-PSK-MISMATCH cc:8c:bf:df:59:fd

And the Xbox not connect.

Some Points:

  1. If I create Hidden AP on my mobile - everything work
  2. If I set the Wifi interface (On my openwrt router) to not be Hidden - everything work
  3. Im sure that is set the correct wifi password :slight_smile:
    Why its happend and how to solve this?