AP slow upload performance


I'm using tplink 1043ND v4 in AP mode (using 19.07.8), my ISP speed is 60/60, but recently noticed, when clients connect to it by wifi, upload speed is about 70% (like between 40-50) of what's coming from ISP router.

Download speed however is fine, only upload speed is effected. Just to see if it my config was bad or hardware not powerful enough, i flashed back stock firmware, and there's no more slow upload issue, down and up both equal.

So it's only seems to be happening with openwrt.
No speed issue when connecting by cable. Only wifi upload speed is effected.

Thanks in advance

Assuming you are using the same mode, channel, and width on stock and OpenWRT...if you are using SQM, you might turn that off, and enable Software Flow Offloading.

That should help, but at the cost of increased bufferbloat.

Another aspect is hardware NAT.

Stock likely is using it...OpenWRT does not.

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Thanks for your reply, on stock, i used the same channel and width. I don't use sqm nor software flow offloading, i did try to turn it on but didn't made any difference.

On stock i saw there's an hardware nat option, it was turned on by default so i didn't changed that.. That's about it.

NAT is probably the difference.

You might try upgrading to 21.02.1 and see if there is improvement.

Thanks but I already tried that... and same performance. I was looking at qualcomm fastpath... it seems like the way to go. But could be a lot of work!

If you made no other changes since you noticed this... are there any new AP or neighbors in the area?

Be sure to enable Packet Steering.

Thanks for your reply... There're hardly any ap in this area... One or two Android hotspots probably. But they're on a different channel.

I added option packet_steering '1' in etc/config/network file under globals. Is this correct?
Can I use this alongside soft offloading? Or any one at a time.

I do see some improvement in upload speed.. only using packet_steering now. I applied this in 19.07.8.
Will try in 21.02.1.

I tried packet steering in 21.02.1 but nothing changed...

As for my curiosity I even tried fastpath build by gwlim, in that build my upload speed got back to normal.. full speed but download speed decreased by half (30mbps), I guess this is one of the reasons why it won't ever make it to official. The precompiled image was from trunk, so I built another image with 21.02.1 source including fastpath... In that I didn't see much improvement.

Such a shame... I have full speed on stock but it doesn't even support exfat file system .. I was ready to compromise all the features openwrt offers but I guess I have to stick with openwrt. Now I'm back to 19.07.8 with packet steering and soft offloading enabled. I get about 60/45-50.