AP only router access issue

Hi all!
I am pretty new using LEDE so maybe I have missed something obvious but can't find the right solution to my issue..
here it is:
I have setup a wds solution using 2 archer c7 v2 router with latest lede version (using this how to https://gist.github.com/braian87b/8a524a8ad74a36407a8f481e9d16a5c9).
Now, I have a router (no the main one but the wds client let say) that do not have a physical connectivity, only wireless to the main router. At the first setup I have give the lan nic an ip, mask and gateway but now that the router is only accessible via wireless (the 2 wireless connection have a dhcp ip from my network) I cant access the webgui even if the ping, and snmp (I have install snmpd to monitor the router using librenms) are working fine.. The web gui does not seems to have a bind ip so I do not really understand what could be the issue...
Any idea?

Are you using the Stable or Development branch? Did you have access to the Luci interface before this setup?

Check your WDS configuration with the OpenWrt documentation...


If the overall WDS is operating properly, you should be able to connect a wired PC to one of the LAN ports of the second router, and have it obtain its DHCP address from the first router and also access the Internet through the first router.

@mindwolf has a good point, you should be using a release version (17.01.4 is the latest) not a development snapshot version. Those do not include the webgui.