AP mode wifi6 ax pcie card

I read up on related inquires in the forum, but (I assume) there has been development in WiFi since those inquiries were made. And I haven't found any about regarding wifi6 builds.

I'd like to build a wifi6 (802.11ax) router 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz with mu-mimo 4x4 or higher.
On a x86 or ARM system.

What are the wifi pci-e cards (either pci express form factors, mini or standard, etc) that can run daily as (master) AP?
USB 3.0 form can also be used (if devices are available)

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Right now, none of those exist.

QCN9074 is shipping[0] (but ath11k support is still in the process of being merged), mt7915 is probably in a similar situation (slightly behind).

Forget about USB, completely.

[0] prices do not make this a competitive choice compared to full ip807x SOCs with 802.11ax WLAN though.


Would I be able to put 2 of these same cards in 2 pcie slots and configure them to function together as 8x8 mu-mimo? Assigning one card working as 4x4 input and other as 4x4 output, therefore increasing and easing up channel space.

Is there a software or a feature in openwrt to do this?

afaik MIMO is done by the card's hardware as it requires low-level radio and antenna information.

The best you can do is to create two wifi networks with the same name/password, and put directional antennas so each wifi network will be mostly covering one zone, this will let the devices choose the one that has better reception

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