AP does not show up, if master wifi is not available


I am tryling to use a zsun or a NEXX3020 to set up an AP for an existing Wifi (no ethernet connection)
Both devices have only one hardware wifi interface, but support the simulanteous setup of to wifis, one client one master. I use the pre-setup (only) of this manual:
This all works fine at home.
But if I go somewhere else, where my home=master wifi does not exist, then the client wifi network does also not show up at all. So I can not log in and change the wifi data for the lokal "master" wifi network.
What is wrong with the setup?
Sorry, I am new to openwrt and completely lost.

Regards, Zappel

Nothing, the STA interface needs to be brought up before any AP interfaces, if it can't be brought up, your AP interfaces can't either - it's a systematic and fundamental constraint.

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Look into the travelmate package. It is a set of scripts that (among other things) will temporarily turn off the STA frunction if it can't connect, allowing the user to log in on the AP and configure another network.

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Thank you so much, both of you. I will look into this!

Kind regards, Zappel