AP disappears when WDS Client Active

I have OpenWRT 22 installed on an TP-Link Archer C7v5 and a TP-Link Archer C50v4. The C7 is configured as and Access Point (WDS) on 5 GHz and the when I configure the C50 to be a WDS client on 5 GHz, everything works as expected. I can put an AP on the C50 on 2.4 GHz and I can connect and I'm bridged with the C7. However, when I add an AP to the 5 GHz on the C50, that AP looks fine in OpenWRT, but there is no signal for that AP. WDS stays up fine, but no client can see let alone connect to the AP. In OpenWRT, the interface shows up with "-- dBm / no client associated", which I think is normal for an active interface with connections. If I disable the WDS client, the AP shows up and works like I would expect (but without the WDS link).

Is there a reason I cannot have a 5 GHz WDS client AND AP to bridge / repeat the wireless? Could this be a hardware bug? A misconfiguration (or misunderstanding) on my part? Or a hardware limitation? I've tried changing the channel (auto and fixed) but it seems to make no difference.


AP + STA probably doesn't work on a DFS channel. Make sure the country code is set properly in both routers and configure the source AP (the C7) to a channel that is not DFS in your country.

Thanks for the suggestion! I had my C50v4 AP configured on 'auto' for the frequency and when I changed that to 161 to match the WDS AP on the C7 / C50 WDS client, the radio started working. I guess I thought 'auto' would select the only available channel to match the WDS client, but I guess not.