AP client mode problem

STA --- AP1(AP client mode) --- AP2(with LTE SIM)
AP1 gateway ip:
AP gateway ip:

After setting the AP client mode at AP1, STA connects AP ssid and gets IP address
can ping AP1( at STA
can ping AP2( at AP1
can ping at AP2
But I can not ping at STA.

Is there any way to let STA access the Internet when STA connects to AP1(AP client mode)?


is AP1 configured as https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/wifi/relay_configuration ?

  • Renumber one of the LANs - it will likely be easier to renumber the OpenWrt (routers cannot have the same IP range on 2 interfaces, as the router thinks they're the same network and will no know to route)
  • Be sure to set the AP1 to Auto channel selection
  • If you have control - set AP2 to a non-DFS channel