Anyone working on firmware for Ubiquiti SWX-LBEAX

I have a couple of LBEAX but they have no access point for them. Any chance there is OpenWRT for this chipset? Thanks

currently, no.
but at least it's a Qualcomm SoC, could be supported/able, depending on which one it is.
can't make out the markings on the chip at

While the markings on the FCC photos are indeed impossible to read out (I really wonder why they accept that kind of blurry and unreadable images), my hunch would point towards ipq50xx - which wouldn't be good news.

  • only one RAM chip (256 MB, not large enough for ath11k, this is a hard no-go)
  • ipq60xx/ ipq807x tends to look differently (different die and form factor)
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RAX.ipq5018.v1.1.1 The firmware in the radio is named this. This leads me to believe it is a ipq5018.