Anyone with a RUT955v deployment in the US?

I am still doing research on openwrt and have identified the RUT955Vxxx as my router of choice. The reason I am looking at that device is because I will be mobile and I like the dual sim/carrier capabilities. The US models connect to Verizon OR ATT. The worldwide model, the V, should be able to connect to both networks, though the device is not certified for use in the US. I believe certified is just some paperwork or something but the hardware seems sound.

If this is the wrong dual carrier router to be pursuing, please let me know.
If you have a RUT955v working in the US, I would love to hear about your experience.
If I do get my hands on one of these things, which snapshot should I use?


Actually, it's illegal to import and/or use an uncertified radio in the US.

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Well that made my decision a lot easier. Maybe I will just go with a single carrier router.

Thank you!

I would suggest a Sierra MC7455 card in a ZBT-WE826 router. The MC7455 covers all 4 (3 now) major US carriers. The WE826 has been in official OpenWrt for a long time. This combination should come in well under $200.

I'm using a Mikrotik SXT-LTE6 (with stock modem and firmware) on Sprint. It should also be suitable for AT&T and T-Mobile, but it definitely does not have Verizon's bands.


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