Anyone want to compile an Engenius ECB-350 image for me?

Hi all,
I have little experience with Linux. I tried compiling an OpenWRT-image myself a few years ago but ran into so many errors, like dependencies and stuff, that I give up. Today I don't own a Linux computer.anymore and don't have the courage to install everything for a probably not so good result.
Would somebody be so friendly to compile the 21 r.c. image for the Engenius ecb350?
Thanks 100x!

I assume you missed the official buildbot images?

And thanks to @Borromini also link to the 21.02.0-rc1 images:

Thanks, it worked! But I bricked the device by flashing the factory from within Luci :frowning: Will continue in this topic: Ecb350 bricked, tftp only partially working

From luci you always flash sysupgrade.

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