Anyone Using the Arris TM1602A, Spectrum 100/10?

I have my Linksys-EA3500 lede-reboot 17.01.4 connected and still notice an issue with ingress showing 92Mbps there is no bridging involved in this setup, no sqm running, when I connect directly to the Arris I'll receive the full ingress 114 average is around that, I only noticed it back a few months ago but this time since i'm back to spectrum it is like this again. I done some checking around to see if there are any solutions to reconfigure but none that pan out? I had Frontier before and there were no issues on either ingress or egress on different bandwidths started with 150/150, the went 75/75 with no issues. I'm have a proper ip range, I do have opendns as setup but will start changing setting around maybe reset but I don't see if that will change anything, already did a reboot of the router
and this the ingress results, as stated earlier, the data or signals coming from their Tier, are stable from modem log. Just wondering if someone else has worked out a solution if you have the same service. Will keep this post going till I find a working solution.

I'm just adding to this short thread about using your own router and using the Arris TM1602A emta telephony. There shouldn't be any issues unless there is around your home or on the pole, amplifier, additional splitters were they shouldn't be, also snr and power levels play a factor as well as they can cause reboots. They do throttle of course and after applying sqm cake, piece of cake you cut down your bandwidth down but still usable. Ping and latency were very high mainly on upload just for 10Mbps a little more when you look at it through some speed test then you'll see for example the bundle service says 100/10 but receiving 123.58Mbps 12.58Mbps but for me i took off 30% of on both in order to lower the latency(140to300ms)10to19ms and ping(45ms)now 14ms just to receive A+ for bufferbloat, local ping to nearest city was 45 now is 14. My problem was my pc had some issues with ethernet drivers and after i updated the drivers showed proper bandwidth detection, and negotiation I guess i didn't realize it till I ran some checks on my pc and made sure it maybe the culprit. This Arris is just a transparent modem has nothing to do with dhcp or dns, but it is for my phone since I am using the 3-bundle package. Solved at least for my situation.