Anyone using Mullvad Wireguard?

Can someone who has been able to successfully connect to Mullvad via Wireguard paste their settings? I'm having trouble and their support isn't replying.

Do a search in the forum, I've seen quite a lot of posts recently.

Quite a few, but none seems to be a success.

I'll go slightly off topic here, but:

  1. You already have a topic open for your problem.
  2. You have paid for a service and you are not getting service or support.
    For me at least #2 would be a reason to leave this provider, but that is just me.
    Other than that you should continue on the old topic, rather than here from scratch, and hopefully you'll get a solution there.
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The old topic is about not having internet on the PC, which may be something unrelated to Mullvad. This one is about the traceroute on the router not showing a hop through Mullvad - thus hoping someone with a successful setup could show it here,

LOL, if you believe your "no Internet on LAN" issue is unrelated, you first need to confirm you had Internet on the OpenWrt before installing/setting up Wireguard on the router.

Please stick to the old thread.

Duplicate thread. Closing this one