Anyone using MT7916 AP have a Quest 3 headset?

Im noticing some odd behaviour and not sure how to pin down where the issue is. Have spoekn with another user in another post and they dont thinkn there is an issue wiht how my openwrt is configured

Client device : Quest 3

AP Module
AW7916-AED (in M2 E-Key slot)

HP Prodesk 600 G4 (intel i5 8500) SFF PC

OpenWRT 23.05.3

kmod-mt7915e 5.15.150+2023-09-11-f1e1e67d-1

kmod-mt7916-firmware 5.15.150+2023-09-11-f1e1e67d-1

When running throughput tests with teh Quest3 connected to MT7916 5GHz or 6GHz AP performance is restricted to approx 400mbps down and 20mbps up.

However if I use a different device (broadcom soc) as AP the snapdragon client demonstrates maximum throughput. it is only when connecting to the MT7916 AP that performance is throttled. However no other client devices display this behaviour

I have observed that sometimes if I drop the band on MT7916 down to 5GHz connect the quest3, then drop connection and change band back to 6GHz I temoprarily get the expected full throughput

On another thread brada4 has told me that everythign appers programatically correct and there doesnt seem to be an obvious reason why it would be throttling.