Anyone used connman?

Has anyone used connman? Is that package already included in openwrt package library?

Thank you.

I am running 18.06.01, and cannot find it.

OpenWrt doesn't use ConnMan, it uses netifd.



Thanks mikma, I have a brief look at netifd wiki, but could not comprehend detailed features, correct me if I am wrong, but I suppose the netifd discussion is also in this forum. Appreciate anyone with netifd experience and knowledge can shed some light:

  • Does netifd support stationary cellular LTE network (not moving, no roaming)?
  • Does netifd support network switch function like a mobile phone, LTE is the default connection, when it detects WiFi network is available, it switches to WiFi network automatically and immediately? When the WiFi network lost, it switch back to LTE automatically and immediately. The device will be in a stationary location.
  • Does netifd support BLE4 or BLE5?
  • Does netifd provide C / C++ API to set up WiFi network connection, to check WiFi signal level and to detect SSIDs?

My apology for many questions, appreciate your kind helps.

Kind regards,