Anyone tried the Vilo router?

Saw some advertisements for the Vilo router (, it's super cheap ($28 for single, $70 for 3) and decent enough specs (16MB Flash, 128MB RAM).

Wondering if anyone's tried it and knows about underlying performance/hardware/etc.


Check photos in the FCC DB to see what chipset it uses.

Perhaps it's supportable.

According to the interior photos it uses an RTL8197FS for 802.11bgn, and an RTL8812FP for 802.11ac, next to an RTL8367RB for the ethernet switch. A quick search suggests these are Lexra based platforms, meaning no official support from OpenWrt.

A pity, because at that price point it's a really affordable and well equipped mesh solution.

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Thanks for the look!

Too bad, maybe cheap donation devices to see if anyone can port the drivers over

It's not just about drivers. If you search for "Lexra" on the forums you'll see that there's much, much more in the way of supporting it than just drivers.

From looking at Working Realtek SoC RTL8196E 97D 97F in last master, it seems like RTL8197F is actually full MIPS, so there's no major toolchain mods needed as it's not Lexra.

based off of this comment (Working Realtek SoC RTL8196E 97D 97F in last master - #45 by gaspare), I was understanding the primary work that needs to be done is on the switching and wireless drivers

Let's be blunt here, these devices are not going to be supported, ever.