Anyone running an AsiaRF?

I'm thinking about picking up one of these to play with:

Anyone else have experience with these? They have a lot of features I could make use of, and they're really cool!

Edit: Oops, this was meant for the hardware section

I moved it for you!

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Seems there is currently no official support for this board by OpenWrt.
Have you found any source code for this board?

But apart from that, looks like a amazing router device.

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From site:

OPENWRT firmware image and dts file available fully supported.

It seems like it would simply needs to be added???

@jow, @hnyman - is that the case if the file exists and is available?

The MT7623 chip does have two other models in the mediatek/mt7623 snapshot builds. With the dts file and the rest of the source code it should be possible to add. The big question is the NAND flash, that can be tricky.

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At this point I'd rather look at mt7622 (ARMv8) instead of mt7623 (ARMv7), yes mt7622 is the younger/ SOC.

@Bndwdthseekr excuse us, we have full image of the latest version OPENWRT image. welcome to send email to to require. Paul