Anyone own a ZyXEL GS1900-24HPV2

I am looking to "upgrade" from a 16-port closed source POE managed switch (Netgear GS316EP) to a 24-port OpenWrt-compatible managed POE switch and have been looking at the ZyXEL GS1900-24HP v2.

I need Gigabit connections, POE for some cameras, and the ability to use VLANs. I believe this hardware will satisfy those requirements. Does any forum member have this hardware? How does it perform (can you saturate the line with iperf to/from your router? I am also wondering if fan control is possible under OpenWrt. The stock firmware runs the fans at constant speed but linux with the right drivers offers the abilityt to control them manually. Finally, I assume OpenWrt automatically takes care of detecting which connected devices are POE and need juice? Perhaps this is done at the hardware level deeper then OpenWrt? Thanks.

It's a (managed L2+) switch, not a router. The (L2) switching happens at full wire-speed, offloaded into the hardware switch fabric. While (L3) routing is theoretically possible with OpenWrt, the SOC is not designed for that and way too slow (~15 MBit/s max).

Disclaimer: I own a few rtl838x switches (gs1900 series and others) without PoE features, they are working fine with OpenWrt.

I own one. It's my main PoE switch for about a year now and it's working fine for what it was made for: As @slh pointed it, it's a switch, not a router. Please see the Wiki for the details:

There is no way to control the fan, PoE can be controlled per-port using the realtek-poe package.

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