Anyone interested in helping me with a LuCi interface for my project?

Hi all

So my geoip-shell project which I've been developing for about a year has been merged (yay!). The idea of this project is making geoip blocking easy on any Linux system, and judging by the user replies, I think it achieves this goal reasonably well. On OpenWrt, however, it clearly lacks an important make-it-easy feature which is a LuCi frontend.

For someone experienced in developing js frontend this should be probably a fairly easy task. Unfortunately, I don't know js at all and learning it from scratch may prove quite a challenge for me as I'm not a professional developer. So I thought I'd ask if someone here would want to help with this.

geoip blocking is notably a niche area, and it's partially covered by existing packages. The benefit of geoip-shell (as I see it) is that it is really easy, fairly fool-proof, well documented and requires very little domain knowledge from the end user, while still covering some more advanced use cases.

The requirements from the front end:

  • Display current geoip blocking state
  • Display current config
    (both of the above are readily available from the backend by issuing 1 cli command)
  • Support changing config (basically translate GUI settings into options passed to the cli)
  • Display success/failure upon applying config
  • In case of an error, capture and display the console output

I will, of course give appropriate credit to the person/s who would want to help with this.