Anyone have recommended wifi settings they suggest?

Greetings all:

New load of David’s build on Linksys WRT3200ACM (thanks David!). No complaints and all is good. I deleted the WAN ports and just use it as an AP to provide wifi in house. It uplinks to a Fortigate 60e and then out into the wilderness.

Wondering if anyone has what they consider recommended wifi settings. The GUI doesn’t have many advanced wifi settings but I’ve seen a few vids where folks are able to do more in the CLI. I’m ok with making CLI changes.

Would like to see what the community suggests based on their experiences.

There used to be a wifi settings link at:

The link is now not in service.


Maybe this is the page you're looking for?

Also check the iw command.

WiFi device does not use HT rates when using TKIP as the encryption cipher. If you want to have good performance, please use AES only.