Anyone have first hand experience of a DLM reset?

Hopefully someone can tell me what actually happens if your fibre connection gets a DLM reset after a fault is fixed. My ISP is telling me I had one but nothing changed.

How it works...

Unless you are currently having issues, I wouldn't worry about it.

Don't Plusnet have a different version of DLM compared to Vodafone who are on Open Reach?

The concept of DLM is the same.

Thanks for your help but its not the concept I have a problem with. Its the specifics from someone who has personally had a reset.
The plusnet info says if you get a reset you are put on an open profile while dlm sorts out the best speeds etc. I have been told today that this is not the case. Just need to find out if I am being fed a line.

In the end I had it confirmed that there had not been a DLM reset but thankfully DLM worked as it should. After 10 days of a stable connection DLM started to increase speed every 3 days. Now Synced at 73mbps when both Vodafone and an Open Reach "senior engineer" told me I would not get above 59. Am happy to leave DLM to manage the connection in future ( like we have a choice anyway!)