Anyone got an unwanted or unloved Openreach ECI modem?

Any UK peeps got an unused or unloved BT Openreach ECI modem (model vg3503J) flashed to openwrt that they would be willing to sell me?

They aren't worth a great deal - and there are loads of these on eBay without Openwrt installed - but they are a pain to install Openwrt on without decent soldering skills - which I don't have!

Am willing to recompense you for the device and postage!

Be warned that these won't maintain support due to being both small flash(8MB) and RAM(32MB). Can't you use a hh5a as a modem only?

The Openreach ECI modem is one of the very few devices where it is possible to both run Openwrt on it AND use the VDSL2 modem functionality. If you have a recommendation for a newer device where the same is possible, I'd be happy to hear it!

The BT Homehub 5A (modem, 5 Ethernet ports, WLAN) and the Netgear DM200 (modem + 1 Ethernet) are two alternatives.

I use both the ECI modem and HH5A. The ECI modem can work with recent kernels but it is a battle, requiring large portions of the kernel to be disabled and builtin services to be removed to avoid the oom-reaper. Even after all that the performance is the bear minimum to pass the 80/20 VDSL link. I also had issues on 4.19 where logging in over SSH would occasionally cause the device to become unresponsive and eventually reboot.

The DM200 would be a good compromise - faster CPU & 64MB RAM - if you can use a separate router. Easy to flash as well.

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I'd be happy to use the DM200 but I cannot see any availability unfortunately

After reading your advice I will switch to a HH5A and use it in bridge mode.

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