Anyone ever get a Motorola MR1700 working?

I am curious if anyone here has flashed a MR1700 from Motorola? I believe it's in the same group as the Netgear Nighthawk R7000 router, just beefier. I can tell you for a FACT that OpenWRT works on it. How do I know this without having flashed one myself? The Motorola source code that they made available is a modified version of OpenWRT. It literally has info about being OpenWRT in the files.

Unfortunately, I am no embedded systems engineer, I'm a VOIP engineer and a BitMonkey not a CodeMonkey (no offense to CodeMonkeys, I just don't code). So I wonder if anyone has any info on this?

MasvRon1n McGowan
RightBastards - Nomad

Most routers and home wireless devices use OpenWRT or LEDE as OS platform, it's unfortunately not a guarantee for vanilla openwrt installation.

Open it up, or search online, to check what chipset it's running, the amount of RAM, and the flash size.
If you open it up, look for the serial header too.

EDIT: MediaTek, should be supportable - , there's however this Support MOTO M2/MR1700(soc:MT7621AT), but it's 4 years old, and there are devices in using that same radio.

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