Anydesk on openwrt

that sucks, but Anydesk simply ain't happening ...

I think if you watch the video you'll see what I'm talking about.

Double or even multiple nat is very common. If an isp did "port swapping" on all ports, nothing would work. If they are blocking port 22 then choose another port.
Feeble excuses will not stop sshtunnel from facilitating inbound nat traversal to your router.

If your isp is going to the effort to "port swap" to block common traffic, then they will certainly block Anydesk as soon as they find out you are using it.

what do you mean?

Oh dear, I had better inform all my customers with online support contracts that ssh tunnel does not work.. Bug*er. /S

Anydesk works. I looked at sshtunel but everywhere I understand that a static ip is required on the server side. And yes my ISP spoofs all the ports. Even dynamic dns doesn't work (DDNS).

Dear I do not speak for everyone, I tell you about my provider in my country.

Just like Anydesk does on the Anydesk servers.

I guess they also provide a port swapped browser, email client, YouTube client etc. as well then.
Otherwise you will have an Internet feed with everything blocked - including Anydesk.

FYI Anydesk works by setting up a "VPN" tunnel through their Internet hosted servers. It is commercial software and they make money by selling licences.

SSH and SSHtunnel are free and open source. All you need is a very low cost VPS with a static ip address to make SSHtunnel work.

or even a free one, at Microsoft, Amazon, Google or Oracle ...

Well yes - personal preference really.

Zerotier, Tailscale and the like don't work.

OpenVPN with scramble options?