Anydesk on openwrt

I'm interested in the question. Is it possible to port Anydesk application to openwrt? I have for rasspbery, ubuntu, centos. I've searched a lot for answers on the internet but there's not even a mention of it.

for doing what, there's no desktop in openwrt ...


I saw one dude, but the firmware was Padavan. Anydesk was ported into the firmware and the Padavan interface was displayed when connected to it. As far as I know Padavan uses the same packages as openwrt.

then you saw one in Padwan, not Openwrt.

awesome, then keep using Padwan.

problem solved.

I don't use Padavan I use Openwrt and that's why I asked here to understand if it's possible to do the same thing on Openwrt. If it is possible on one firmware, it is possible on another firmware because the packages used are the same.

if you say so, then why not install the Padwan package on your openwrt box ?

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The person does not want to give either the package or the firmware for research))))))

the firmware image can be unpacked, and data/files extracted, if you really want to do get it.

as for your initial question, it can probably be done, and I'm sure the community will appreciate
the time you'll put into the porting ...

still don't see why we'd need it though.

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Anydesk is amazing, it could be made to do everything Luci does while at the same time using orders of magnitude more resources on the router /s


Yeah, I agree, but how do you do it?

it is necessary elementary for if you do not have a static ip address, for example, and access is needed.

If you agree, why would you want to?
Have you tried ssh?

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Why ssh? I want to understand how to port it? Or rebuild the rasspbery package for openwrt.

get the source and ...

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You do know what the phrase "using orders of magnitude more resources" means don't you?

SSH uses so little resources on a router that is is hard to detect, yet gives you full remote control.

I would suggest you look up what /s means.
I used it at your expense. If you knew anything at all about running OpenWrt on a router, you would know that porting Anydesk is a waste of time.

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anydesk doesn't give source, and there is no source of them anywhere. I wrote in the hope that maybe someone already tried to do this. If I manage to get Padavan firmware or a package, I will definitely report back.

Believe me I know a lot about how Openwrt works and have already done a lot for myself without trying to find an answer on forums. If you had read my post above you would have realized that it's not about firmware at all, it's about the fact that it's already there and used only on another branch. Why do I need SSH? If I don't have a static ip address, I won't be able to control the router remotely anyway. And I have described above why I need it.

I did.

For remote control of your router.

Then use sshtunnel

AND it is all open source, unlike Anydesk.

Because it is proprietary software and if they gave it to you they would be violating the Anydesk copyright, if they are not already doing so.

If you understand something about networks you should know that sshtunnel does not work with all ISPs, my ISP uses double NAT and port swapping.