Anybody still remember howto install on a BT HomeHub 3A as has been shut down?

Hi, I'm trying to install on a BT HomeHub 3A following

but it refers to which has been shut down.
Anybody still have the unlock and install procedure ?
Many thanks,

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A quick web search returned this Youtube video claiming to cover the process.

Thanks, that covers the downgrade and unlocking - but I'm still missing the openwrt installation procedure...


This is an old device and only runs -unsupported- OpenWrt v19.07.10 and has only 100mbit ethernet.
Nevertheless I have adjusted the ToH page of this device, mentioning that the used site is down.
I tried to find the topic on ( without success.
Unable to find that installation procedure, although it will be like other Lantiq machines, but we do not have the specific memory locations and other specific settings.
Hopefully somebody knows or has this procedure and is willing to update the ToH with it.