Any word on TP-Link Onhub OpenWrt compatability? (and E3000 questions)

I'm using a Linksys E3000 for my crappy DSL connection, and its working very well considering I have owned it for 9-10 years, and half of that time its been kicking around as a bare circuit board. :laughing:

Its a great device for my use case, just wondering if anyone here ever managed to add SD storage or anything crazy. Since I can pick these guys up for pretty cheap, and considering the bandwidth I have at the moment, I'm just looking to have fun in my spare time, although I would guess I have already gone farther than most people have.


I had to turn my TP-Link 'OnHub' into an AP, because bufferbloat was so bad that it was impossible to multitask or use any sort of VOIP/video chat, and I had nowhere near the control I want with that POS app google puts out, but I can confirm it works pretty well on a 900mbit/s line.

Anyway, Here's how my basic network is set up:

Cisco 2911(host for the EHWIC-VA-DSL-A modem)
| | dsl stats host
Linksys E3000
| |
OnHub AP MANY wired devices

Anyway, just really hoping for some sort of open source controllable OS for the onhub. I haven't had the time to root it yet, but Ill get to it as soon as I can.